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Postcard CD

Postcard CD

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Signed by Connor

Format: Compact Disc
Released 2015

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  1. Groove
  2. 6 Days Ago
  3. A Girl Named June
  4. Keep Knocking (feat. Gracie Schram)
  5. Postcard
  6. All Said & Over
  7. Sunset
  8. Doorbell
  9. Driving
  10. Thinking About You
Recorded in the artist's hometown of Kansas City at just 18 years old, this collection of songs feature some of Leimer's earliest penned works. Its release was followed by the 17 show "Dorm Room Tour" along the East Coast in the fall of 2015 booked entirely by Leimer himself through friends at numerous universities and which culminated in a performance at The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live in 2016. Featuring album photography by Max Mikulecky. Produced by Connor Leimer and Max Griffith. Mastered by Alan Silverman in New York, NY. 
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